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Model VLT6-10:  Gypsy Jazz Valve Tone in a Stylish Package

The Nuance VLT6-10 valve guitar amplifier. Very special valve electronics housed in an elegant retro-design cabinet for those who want the authentic sound and feel of a small valve amplifier as used by Django Reinhardt. The power amplifier circuitry recreates and extends the well known Stimer M6 amplifier, while the preamplifier provides a wide tonal pallette and makes the controls accessible on the top panel. Read the full specification here.

A Great Amplifier for a Great Artist - Angelo Debarre
Angelo at ALD
Video:  Samois 2013 In The Workshop By The Caravan “Aux Petits Joueurs" "I”“II”  More

Angelo Debarre tried the prototype VLT6-10 at the Django festival in Samois. He recognised straight away that this was an amplifier that could produce just the electric sound that he wanted. We agreed to make one specially for him. When it was ready, we arranged to hand it over at the workshop of ALD Guitares in Rouen where he delighted us with an impromptu display of virtuosity. More video and sound samples here

Model B18-10:  Portable Guitar Power — Classic Tone Indoors or Out.

The battery portable Nuance B18-10 guitar amplifier embodies the elegant retro-design of its valve brother, joined with subtle electronic wizardry to provide the jazz player with a a powerful (18Watts rms), sweet sounding amplifier that can be used in any location without the need for mains power. This is not the usual, compromised, busker's amplifier. It sports a 10 inch Jensen neo speaker driven by a discrete transistor amplifier of unique design with true push-pull signal processing through a specially designed output transformer. The amplifier allows the speaker to “breathe” in the same way as a valve amplifier - with similar tonal results. The rechargeable battery has the capacity to outlast any gig at any volume. Read the full specification here

Front View Of The B18-10
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B18-10 Front View with Vanden 'Cadenza' Guitar.

The standard box for both amplifiers is made with panels of Birch Plywood and rails of Black American Walnut. The front grille and the top panel are laser cut and engraved. The dark “A D Special” can be made to order at extra cost. It is identical in sound and performance to the standard amplifier.

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